Our Process

Free discovery call

The first step is to start with a discovery call that allow us to learn about your current state of health and what you are pursuing. We want to ensure that our services are a good fit to your needs otherwise we would do our best to redirect you in appropriate direction. Here we make an informed decision why work together or not.

Client Background

We will need to fully understand your daily life to see the influence on health and vice versa so that we fully grasp your current state of health. This will also act as the baseline against which we can observe the improvements as you make progress during the program. For this, the health seeker will need to provide thoughtful answers by taking about 90 minutes to an online questionnaire of 300+ multi-choice questions.

Analysis & Interview

Your questionnaire answers will require some clarification. We will go through an hour long meeting with you to conclude our understanding of your current state of health.


We will prepare a series of holistic health guidelines that should strengthen your current state of health. Once you start applying the recommendations, we highly recommend you to be observant and take notes of what you are doing (changing) and what you’re observing as a result.


When your recommendations are ready, we walk you through our recommendations so that you fully understand the reasons for each of the recommendations and how to go about them. You will of course have ability to ask any questions here or raise concerns where we may adapt the plan immediately if necessary.

Adaptive partnership

As you start implementing changes, wide variety of impact may be observed due to bio-individuality of the body. You may experience rather degradation at first or your habits may be difficult to overcome. We have to work around all of these and continue on our journey to thriving vitality by continuously making adaptive adjustments to plan or providing additional support to the high-level plan. A good analogy is when you hear your GPS say recalculating. This is where we play the most important role by being your partner in the journey.

Follow up

Our programs always include the follow up appointments due to the nature of adaptive needs in building the health over time. Focused follow ups allow both of us to ensure that we’re on the right track with continued commitment ability on the health seeker’s side.

Companionship to stay the course

We have observed that most people who are seeking solutions for health are not able to stay course on a single dedicated path due to infodemic (information overload). The medical system of swallowing pills to suppress the symptoms has also trained our minds to try something and expect a result the same day. In truth, all of us already know that health does not come in a bottle delivered with same-day shipping. Health arrives only with continued commitment. If you decide to take a journey, you continue on that determined path or take even slight detours to adapt. But, you don’t start going to entirely separate path every minute. If we did that, we can never reach to a proper destination. Our program is built in a way to be with you and ensure the journey happens in the right direction as long as you are committed and fully involved.

First of all, as Lao Tzu said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step“.